Up For Promotion – June 2020

Please join us in congratulating Wayne Kankels and Arthur Trubbs – two of our employees up for promotion this month! Both Arthur and Wayne have been working very hard for us over the last few years and it is about time they got some recognition!

Arthur TrubbsTraining Coordinator
Fun Facts:

  • Parks his 2012 Hyundai Elantra unnecessarily far from the office to “avoid dings”
  • Has had the same salary since starting with the company out of college in 1987
  • Once worked an entire Saturday thinking it was Friday. He only found out when he didn’t show up on Monday thinking it was still Sunday.


  • Has no responsibility whatsoever, so never gives anyone extra work
  • Hoards a concerning amount of office supplies, but can be counted on when you need an extra pan, paper, stapler, etc.


  • Narcs on people who don’t reserve the conference room for a meeting – even if it’s empty
  • Sits next to the server room and constantly complains the “WiFi is missing with his brain”

Wayne KankelsSales Manager Southeast Region
Fun Facts:

  • 4 Year Starting O-Lineman in High School (JV). Still wears his class ring.
  • Amazing ability to sweat through shirts regardless of outside temperature


  • 3x Southeast Region Salesman of the Year. Has been the only Southeast Region salesman for the last 5 years.
  • Has deep “connections” at Outback Steakhouse. If you drop his name at any Outback nationwide they will give you a free “Bloonin Onion” on the spot – no questions asked. He has yet to explain why.


  • Never seen him work before 11AM. Instead, he reads a paper newspaper that helps him “catch up on the market.” He has absolutely no knowledge of “the market” and just laughs loudly at the comic section hoping someone will ask him what he is laughing at.
  • He is the reason we now have a strict “no shorts in the office” policy. Don’t ask.

We will plan to highlight two more employees each month on our social media, so be sure you’re following us if you’d like to weigh in on our July promotion candidates!

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