Up For Promotion – July 2020

Please join us in congratulating Pete Stabbington and Krysten Lee Hall-Ramsey – two of our employees up for promotion this month! Both Pete and Krysten have been working very hard for us over the last few years and it is about time they got some recognition!

Pete StabbingtonIT
Fun Facts:

  • Has an identical twin brother named Patrick, and it is possible they rotate coming in every other day
  • No one recalls why or how, but Pete is the only one in the company who negotiated his salary be paid out in cash
  • Collects insects


  • Sends everyone in the office a personalized Christmas gift to their home every year. It is unclear how he has everyone’s home address.
  • He has an incredible memory and seems to remember very intimate details about co-workers. Details we don’t remember sharing with him. Actually, now that I am typing this out I think Pete is sending us all hidden monitoring devices for Christmas.


  • Large crowds make him jumpy, so he eats his lunch alone in his car everyday (always eats one cheese sandwich, nothing more and nothing less….every. single. day).
  • We fear that for the last 4.5 years he may have been embezzling money from the company, but everyone is scared to confront him about it.

Krysten Lee Hall-RamseyAccounting
Fun Facts:

  • Orders herself flowers to the office every Valentine’s Day and then acts surprised when they arrive
  • Once a month she tells the whole office that she is “going keto” and going to start riding her bike into work. Hasn’t touched a bike in 14 years.


  • Good at accounting I guess….I dont know though no one really checks her work, so for all we know she could be terrible.
  • Organizes all the office get-togethers and parties that no one wants to organize


  • Organizes all the office get-togethers and parties that no one wants to go to
  • Curently has 47 outstanding open complaints with HR, including one that states HR isn’t responding to her open complaints timely

We will plan to highlight two more employees each month on our social media, so be sure you’re following us if you’d like to weigh in on our August promotion candidates!

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