Up For Promotion – August 2020

Please join us in congratulating Terry Sweetman Jr. and Hunter Harrington IV – two of our employees up for promotion this month! Both Terry and Hunter have been working very hard for us over the last few years and it is about time they got some recognition!

Terry Sweetman Jr – Warehouse Manager
Fun Facts

  • Has attempted to nickname himself “T-Rex” and “T-Bones” on two separate occasions – both attempts have been unsuccessful
  • Removed the governor on all forklifts to increase productivity. Despite now owing millions in lawsuits, Terry (T-Bones) still claims it was an idea “ahead of it’s time.” We disagree.
  • One of the few human beings still rocking a “Rat Tail” haircut
  • Not married, but wears a wedding ring. If you ask him why he will respond “because I’m married to the game.”
  • Pager #: 1374962786


Hunter Harrington IVFinance
  • According to his Instagram bio, Hunter was a “Motivational Speaker, Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Public Figure” before joining Bird Brain. As of this writing he has 73 followers.
  • Frequently lectures the office about “how to make it” in “business.” These talks often include phrases like “it’s all about networking,” or “cash is king.”
  • His dad got him the job
  • Graduated in 5 years from an online college – claims he was accepted into all the Ivy League schools, but they were “too far from home.”
  • Recently asked for 6 months paid vacation so he could “travel the world and find himself.” The request was approved so we could get him out of the office.

We will plan to highlight two more employees each month on our social media, so be sure you’re following us if you’d like to see our September promotion candidates!

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