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Who the hell do we think we are?


That’s a good question.

Most likely, we are just like you. We used to get herded into little cubicles like cattle every morning, forced to endure migraine-inducing lighting, all the while trying to solve the mystery of who was stealing our lunch from the communal fridge.

Work sucked.

We powered through by guzzling down every energy drink we could get our shaky little hands on. For mental performance, we started taking various nootropics designed to improve cognitive performance. What are nootropics, you may be wondering? It’s really just a fancy-ass word for the vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids your brain needs to operate at peak capacity.

It got the job done, but we noticed a few major problems with this system:

  1. Almost all nootropics currently come only in pill or powder form. No one wants to be the dude at work pounding a full sugar energy drink in one hand while popping brain pills in the other – not a great look.
  2. All the energy drinks on the market left us feeling like scattered-brained meth freaks and were seemingly formulated for 11-year old skateboard punks who need physical energy to land some 360 kickflip.

Not for us.

We needed something for the brain. Something for the 9-to-5ers, the students, the gamers, etc. Something designed specifically for mental performance, not just physical performance. Something that combined the energy-boosting ingredients of a “typical” energy drink with the additional cognitive benefits of nootropics – all in one ready-to-drink package. The more we searched, the less we found.

We eventually Shawshanked our way out of that corporate prison. And as we filled our lungs with sweet, fresh freedom, we vowed right then and there that we’d create an energy drink for the folks still on the inside. The people just like us, who use their brains as much as their bodies.

So we set out to develop a drink that combines the perfect amount of caffeine to get you through the day with some of the most bad-ass nootropics currently on the market. Here is just a small example of the brain-boosting ingredients you’re getting in each can:

Oh, and with five cents of every can going to mental health causes and Alzheimer’s research, you’re not only doing something nice for yourself – you’re helping other people’s brains too.

Welcome, friends. We think you are going to like it here.

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Elevating Society’s Mental Health and Performance

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we still have a seriously important mission: to improve society’s mental health and performance.

We not only create products aimed at elevating cognition and improving brain health, but more importantly, we donate five cents per can to various causes linked to furthering mental health research and providing for those currently suffering from a neurological or mental health disease. Below is a list of our partners.